Lavender, Rose, Chamomile

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This caffeine-free herbal infusion from our Plant Collection is inspired by nature, offering natural botanical goodness.  

Herbal Infusion

One to relax with.  Soothing floral aromas of rose, lavender and linden blossom infused with tangy hibiscus, rosehip and chamomile.  The blend will calm the senses.  

All natural ingredients:

Hibiscus (25%) Rosehip (25%) Chamomile (18%) Rose Petals (11%) Lemon Balm Flowers (6%) Linden Blossom (6%) Passion Flower (6%) Lavender (3%) 

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Lucy Dolan, 27, from East London, is the founder of an independent speciality tea company called zigzag tea, who launched her business in early 2015.  

With help from The Enterprise Programme at The Prince's Trust, Lucy has gone on to secure several retail and wholesale outlets who now sell her teas.  

Zigzag tea offers a range of premium whole leaf teas which are blended locally by-hand with natural ingredients for a full and rich taste.

Lucy Dolan, our founder, was inspired to start zigzag whilst studying for her Masters in East Asian Art, where she discovered the Chinese practice of Cha Dao - "the way of tea".  As much about the ritual as the drink itself, Cha Dao is a philosophy of wellbeing, designed to promote balanced, conscious thinking.  Following a meeting with The Prince's Trust and a few years carting tea around East London markets, Lucy's tea is now stocked in 100 independents across London, including The Shard. "I'm pushing for people to slow down," she says.  "And tea is definitely the yin to coffee's yang." (Interview with Alex Moore, Brave New World, 19.07.17)
No added flavouring, nothing artificial
We only use ethically sourced whole leaf for our single-origin tea and whole herbs + spices for our herbal tisanes.  Unlike mass produced tea bags where ingredients are often crushed, ripped, curled to increase surface area, we keep our ingredients whole for that super fresh taste. 
We believe in a more sustainable tea industry taking care to source directly from independent growers who believe in employee welfare as well as quality of the finished product.  Our pyramid tea bags do not contain any nylon but are made from a bi-product of corn starch and are fully biodegradable.  The tea bags decompose over a period of about 12 months, into carbon dioxide and water when buried.  We use specialist machines to form and fill our pyramid tea bags. They are cut and sealed using an ultrasonic wave (sound energy) which means they do not require any plastic or heat sealing which could affect the ingredients and ultimately the flavour of the tea.
7 Ilsley Court
245 Teviot Street
E14 6TN
TELEPHONE: 07729394981

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