Celebrities love Tomorrow's Store

With hundreds of unique hand-crafted products, it's no surprise that celebrities have a lot of love for Tomorrow's Store. Here are just a handful of examples of what our prestigious ambassadors have had to say about the quality of our Trust-supported businesses who they've met through our campaigns. 

“I absolutely love the store and what it represents. Visitors can purchase a fabulous array of products, which are all made by the young entrepreneurs The Prince’s Trust supports! There is jewellery, clothing, homeware, and stationery. There are lots of items that are entirely unique and one of a kind.
“I feel that it is vital to capture young people’s talents and give them a chance to explore the business world of today in an area they are passionate about. This way they are inspired and are more determined to achieve greatness."
Kelly Hoppen, designer
“Young people who could have been beaten by unemployment have instead turned their passions into businesses with the help of The Prince’s Trust. Tomorrow’s Store is the sort of shop I would go to for unique and quirky presents for friends, it’s full of originality.”
Tamsin Egerton, actor
“Meeting young entrepreneurs who’ve been supported by The Prince’s Trust just highlights to me that we should never write anybody off. With the right help and support young people can move past any barrier to create a future for themselves. Tomorrow’s Store is a perfect example of that.”
Douglas Booth, actor