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Zoë Charlotte

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My favourite childhood movie was Beauty and the Beast, mostly because Belle liked reading as much as me, but also because I wanted that golden dress. 

This notebook features my beautiful Belle pattern which I hope will whisk you away to a tale as old as time every time you write in it! 

It has 48 pages of recycled plain paper for those who don't like to be limited by lines, as well as a space at the front to personalise - perhaps write what subject you're using it for, or label it with your name so no one else can steal it!

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Zoë Charlotte is a self-taught illustrator and surface pattern designer. Born in London, grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and now based out of Brighton, Zoë is no stranger to trying something new. She loves using her wide range of travel experiences and her awe of natural beauty to inspire her work.

When she's not doodling at her desk she's probably in a bookshop trying not to buy any more books or taking photos of the neighbours' flowers to draw. 
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