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Revealing my latest members of The Bloomsbury line-up, including the beautiful Red�Bloomsbury.

The Bloomsbury is where it all began. I dreamed of what would be the perfect handbag for my everyday essentials and developed one which could fit a purse, phone, a few makeup pieces and a water bottle. With its classic, simplistic and unique design, The Bloomsbury is easily distinguishable amongst other bags of its kind. The curvature of the front flap mirrors the cornered bottom sides and elegantly large handle, which allows for holding your bag from your hand or arm. Each Bloomsbury comes with a detachable cross-body strap for your everyday adventures.

Each Bloomsbury is lovingly designed and made in Britain.

The Bloomsbury
Height 32cm
Width 20.5cm
Depth 7.5cm

Detachable Cross-Body Strap
139.5cm at its longest length
116cm at its shortest length

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After undergoing heart surgery at the age of 16 and soon becoming unwell with intense flu-like symptoms, I found building a life beyond my bedroom incredibly difficult. 

My sister told me about The Prince's Trust's work for helping young businesses - and as I had many ideas since becoming unwell; I decided to enrol myself onto their Enterprise Course in the Spring of 2014.

This wonderful charity helps disadvantaged 13-30 year olds discover their best potential. Through business training and financial support workshops, the individuals of the course gain confidence and understanding in their idea. It was with the help of The Prince’s Trust that Charlotte Elizabeth was born.

Unexpectedly, just a few weeks after attending the course, I became paralysed. As a result of the intense symptoms, I became severely disabled and at my worst point lost my ability to lift even a finger from my bedside, talk or smile. After years of misdiagnosis, I was diagnosed with PoTS and ME in 2015. 

The combination of these incurable, invisible illnesses is pretty disheartening, but I’ve met an incredible community of young adults who suffer daily yet remain determined to fulfil their dreams. Charlotte Elizabeth is my way of turning a negative into a positive.

Charlotte says:

'I believe in supporting British craftsmanship, which is why every Charlotte Elizabeth product is sourced and stitched in Great Britain. 

In the North I found a prestigious leather tannery, where each locally-sourced leather hide is treated by the hands of an expert. Each hide is then carefully transported to my factory Tusting in Buckinghamshire, who put the best care, love and attention into making my designs a reality. 

A lady’s handbag should be the best part of their outfit, which is why aim to continue to use the finest British leather, brassware and craftsmen that I can find to make my products the best that they can be.'
Charlotte Elizabeth
4-6 Arquen House
Spicer Street
St Albans
TELEPHONE: 07582775508

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