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This artwork is inspired by love indoor plants and miniature painting, the print uses tiny details on each of the plants, and was painted very small scale with a tiny brush.

The design was drawn and hand painted by myself using high quality watercolour paints on high quality watercolour paper.  I designed it as a great, simple addition to any home to add a touch of colour whilst being quite minimalist.

Please note: This is a quality print of the original painting, the print comes without the frame.

A4: 21.0 x 29.7cm

Printed onto 300gsm textured white paper (to reflect the original watercolour painting). 

I love creating and painting and want you to enjoy the work that I create too, I want to provide the best quality artwork for you and your home, or as a gift for your friends and/or loved ones.  Each print will be handled with the upmost care, and individually wrapped, placed between thicker card and sent in a water resistant envelope to ensure that it arrives to you in the best possible condition.

Each print will be signed, dated and named (with its individual title).

UK: £2.80 (estimated delivery 27/04/2019) Europe: £3.50 Rest of the World: £4.00
NB: Additional delivery charges may apply.
Bon Design creates handmade, highly detailed prints and ceramics inspiring the botanical in urban life.  The work takes inspiration from nature and the outdoors and has been created as a medium for calm and clarity; painting and creating pottery is a method of mindfulness, and each piece is created with a sense of peacefulness and is intended to be a beautiful addition to the contemporary home.

Each print is created from an original hand-drawn and painted design, each is lovingly edited and printed with a great deal of care about their quality, ensuring that they reflect the original as much as possible.

Each ceramic piece is formed by hand, and painted using fine brushes, the clay is then bisque fired and glazed, then fired again for original (often slightly wonky) homeware and jewellery for the everyday lifestyle.  Bon Design’s aim is to inspire people with a lifestyle that cares for the sustainability of design, and an appreciation for the handmade; a method of small batch making that creates unique and individual items.
If you would like to see more of Bon Design’s processes and techniques please follow us on our Instagram page: www.instagram.com/sarahbonnerdesign
Bon Design
South Croydon
EMAIL: sarahbonnerdesign@gmail.com

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